What's New In Sim

Join us for the "What’s New in Sim Showcase"!

February 3rd - Part I & II
12:00 PM - 2:00 PM ET
3:00 PM - 5:00 PM ET 

March 3rd - Part III & IV
12:00 PM - 2:00 PM ET
3:00 PM - 5:00 PM ET 

Highlights include:

  • Innovative new-to-market product showcase
  • Held as a bridge between SimVentors and the industry hall floor
  • Open to new companies within 1 year of launching product or service, or existing companies that have launched a new product or service within the past 6 months
  • Participating companies will give a 30-minute demonstration of their product feature to the audience

A list of featured products and companies coming soon! To view an expanded schedule, click here.

Time Company Name Product Highlight Description Presenter URL

What's New in Sim Showcase - March 3rd - Part III

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12:00 CAE CAE Vimedix

CAE Vimedix is a high-fidelity simulator that facilitates the learning process for cardiac, lung, abdominal and Ob/Gyn ultrasound – all on one common platform. With its software and manikin-based system and live, remote learning features, CAE Vimedix accelerates the development of essential psychomotor and cognitive skills for ultrasound probe handling, image interpretation, diagnoses and clinical decision-making.



Dr. Stefan Monk

Cristina Wong 

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12:30 IngMar Medical RespiSim 4.0

IngMar Medical is proud to introduce brand new software designed by educators, for educators, as part of our RespiSim System. At the foundation of the system is the most realistic breathing simulator, the ASL 5000. Harness the power of the ASL 5000 through our brand new, easy-to-use software, RespiSim 4.0.



Liz Bolen

Justina Gerard

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1:00 Tactical Medical Solutions CRU-R, TSR, VSM

Tactical Medical Solutions

            CRU-R (Clinical Response Upper – Resuscitate)   -  Delivers high-fidelity CPR, ACLS, and Central Line training capabilities for the treatment of traumatic upper body injuries

            TSR (Touch Screen Remote)  -  The remote control offers a color touchscreen and a very intuitive user interface for operating all TraumaFX® upper and lower units

            VSM (Vital Signs Monitor)  -  Delivers accurate, real-time visual displays of vital sign data for compatible TraumaFX® simulators

CRU-R - https://traumafx.net/clinical-response-upperresuscitate/

TSR - https://traumafx.net/touchscreen-remote-control/

VSM - https://traumafx.net/vital-signs-monitor/



Rudy Palacios

Walt Nichols

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1:30 Kognito Chronic Disease Conversations Skills 

Chronic Disease Conversations Skills 

Kognito’s latest online simulation offers healthcare students and providers over two hours of virtual clinical encounter practice. Users learn to apply evidence-based communication skills in role-play conversations of increasing difficulty and complexity.  Learners practice motivating positive behavior change in four different virtual patients, each struggling to manage their chronic conditions.  Simulation topics include diabetes management, medication adherence, nutrition and physical activity, cardiovascular disease, and smoking cessation.



Dawn Bornheimer, Director of Clinical Partnerships

Brooke Handy, Key Account Manager

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What's New in Sim Showcase - March 3rd - Part IV

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3:00 VRpatients Safely Exercising Critical Thinking Skills in the Pandemic

A demonstration of the new remote online and virtual reality trainer designed with prehospital providers in mind



Tom Cox, EMS Sales Director

Christina Keatley, NRP Product Manager

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3:30 ReadyTeddy   Ready Teddy

Ready Teddy is a virtual reality simulation that prepares children for an upcoming MRI procedure. Using play therapy techniques and real time biofeedback games, Ready Teddy is a personal mock scanner with the aims to reduce sedation rates and improve image quality by preparing and training pediatrics to stay still. 



Max Orozco

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4:00 Gaumard Gaumard Ultrasound: Pediatric Emergency POCUS/eFAST Scenario Package for Pediatric HAL® S2225

Introducing Gaumard Ultrasound: High-fidelity, Portable Ultrasound Simulator

This session will provide you with valuable insight into the scenario-based learning experiences now possible with Pediatric HAL and the new Gaumard Ultrasound system. We will cover how this powerful solution introduces a new level of realism to pediatric emergency care training. Our team will demonstrate the new Gaumard Ultrasound platform's features and scenario content ahead of the official launch later this year.

Ivy Cooper, CHSE

Gaumard Product Expert

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4:30 Wallcur Practi-Vaccines (Simulated Vaccine Vials)

Wallcur’s New Practi-Vaccines™ (5 mL & 10 mL) for clinical training simulate multiple different vaccines currently in use for pandemic vaccination training, as well as other critical common vaccines.  They are the only simulated vaccines designed to teach the essential skills necessary to calculate, measure and administer multi-dose vaccines.  Our Practi-Vaccines™ are filled with distilled water, are safe to use with manikins and task trainers, and are ideal for the most current and relevant skills training for nursing, EMS and pharmacy programs.



Wendy LaGrange, Chief Commercial Officer

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What's New in Sim Showcase - February 3rd - Part II
3:00 Laerdal Medical Taking your Training Further Across the New Digital Transformation During this 30-minute session, we will explore ways to effectively function within a virtual environment, discover products and solutions that take a holistic approach to delivering remote education, and investigate ways to effectively apply these tools. Topics include:
  • Tools and methodology to increase capacity
  • Online or virtual simulation platforms
  • A novel approach to learning ventilation management
  • A way to deliver OSCE type, high stake exercises and evaluation
  • A tool that helps us capture and analyze data for effective learning
Dave Grant; Bruce Karatzoglouv Click Here
3:30 Introducing: CHSOS-A      Andrew Spain, SSH Director of Certification Click Here
4:00 Tobii Pro Tobii Pro Glasses 3: our third-generation wearable eye tracker

Designed for the real world. It allows you to conduct behavioral research in a wide range of settings. Tobii Pro Glasses 3 delivers robust eye tracking and accurate gaze data while giving users the freedom to move and interact naturally. For more information about eye tracking, please visit: Tobii Pro Website.


Toby Younis, Account Manager Click Here
4:30 Mimyk Medical Simulations

EndoMimyk: A Robotic and VR Simulator for Immersive Training in Flexible Endoscopy


EndoMimyk is an endoscopy simulator that combines haptics, design, and virtual reality to offer an immersive system for doctors to practice and learn endoscopy procedures. EndoMimyk is developed with the future in mind while keeping it cost effective. It is loaded with features to give real life experience. To provide the best experience in performance Endomimyk is always updated with the latest technology available. Endomimyk covers all the basic modules to learn fundamental endoscopy skills. We also provide expert modules to practice advanced therapeutics for special cases. mimyk   Click Here
What's New in Sim Showcase - February 3rd - Part I
12:00 Stealth Simulation Virtual Tele-Examination sim

The Virtual Tele-Examination (VTE) simulator is designed to give providers-in-training the opportunity to practice a full cardiopulmonary and abdominal examination from the safety of their computers. Although it will never replace examining a real human, VTE’s sophisticated clinical engine delivers a surprisingly realistic experience that will elicit much the same reactions, questions, and thought process in the learner. Using simple and intuitive controls, learners are able to perform clinical procedures (inspection, auscultation, palpation, assess tenderness, percussion, look for pulses, PMI, etc.) with exquisite detail in order to determine the presented condition. It is the perfect companion to tele-conference SP encounters, online lectures, and even just for practice! Please bring earbuds or headphones to this presentation to adequately hear heart sounds during this session.


Christian Gutierrez; Rebecca Bond Click Here



The SonoSim Ultrasound Training Solution: Remote Learning in the post-Covid era  The SonoSim Ultrasound Training Solution is a breakthrough product that overcomes longstanding barriers to ultrasound education. It complements clinical training by providing remote hands-on ultrasound training, didactic instruction, and assessment. The patented SonoSimulator® is a proven-effective method to develop the hand-eye coordination required to perform ultrasonography. Instantly access thousands of pathologic training cases that take years of working in a hospital to encounter, acquire image acquisition and interpretation skills, learn with a virtual tutor, and get real-time feedback powered by AI. Dr. Eric Savitsky; Heidi Wienckowski Click Here



International InFacT Online - The New Simulation Instructor Course - International, Interactive, Online, 3 Timezones The course is designed for all healthcare professionals who want to develop the knowledge and skills required to run successful simulation scenarios and debriefings.
It exceeds the expectations of a regular course, because it includes a whole set of educational activities over a longer period of time, which ensures directly applicable, deep and long-lasting learning effects for all participants. We focus on the key aspects of healthcare simulation: adult learning, the concept of human factors, the application of crisis resource management (CRM), scenario design, debriefing and feedback skills.

The content is suitable for physicians, nurses and allied healthcare providers in all fields of healthcare, as well as paramedics and pre-hospital personnel. If you are an educator in healthcare or want to start working in that area – this is the right course for you!“
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Introducing Axel, a New Simulator Powered by PCS.ai

Axel is the latest patient simulator built on the PCS.ai platform. Axel brings model-driven physiology and life-like drug interactions to mid-fidelity manikins. When combined with PCS Spark, Axel can deliver state-of-the-art AI-based clinical interview training. Learn how self-service simulation is possible with Axel. 


Nick Stoick Click Here

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